How Can We Know When Angels are Sending a Message?

Angels and Spirit Guides have the power of sending messages to us. Some will leave a sign to acknowledge they are with us and other times it may be to intervene in a specific event.  It may take you some time to learn how to recognize these messages.  Angels often will show signs that make us aware of their presence, by sending us advice through difficult events. If you are someone who is open and receptive you may notice these messages. If you pay attention to these signs if could be your angel or spirit guide. You need to open your eyes and be aware of your surroundings. A psychic often seeks a connection with your angel when providing psychic services to their clients.

A message could be something as simple as seeing a penny on the floor or the sun peeking through the clouds. An example might be the following scenario. Let’s say you visiting a favorite family member in the hospital and as you are walking through the parking lot you see flowers growing in an odd location. This may be your angels telling you “everything will be ok.” Receiving a vision in your mind is rare but it does happen.Marysville Psychic - Angels

Signs from Angels

The following are a few signs that represent your angel or archangels are communicating with you:

Feathers that are White –

One of the most frequent signs are white feathers falling from above.

More than likely it will be only one feather but sometimes it could be a grouping. It may be a bird flew overhead; it’s often your angel trying to speak with you.

Beautiful Butterflies Sent by Angels –

A butterfly hovering in your area is a very strong message from your sprit guide or angel.

If you live in a big city or downtown, you probably have not encountered many butterflies. So if one shows up and is flying round you, this could be a specific sign. Archangels will send the white butterfly.

Coins Placed by Angels –

Do you always seem to find coins in unusual places? We expect to find coins in the laundry or the bottom of a drawer, but what if you find one in the middle of a table? You don’t remember putting it there, do you?  One time I was vacuuming a small bedroom,  and after I was done, I walked back into the room and there was a penny sitting on the carpet in the middle of the room. It certainly wasn’t there a few minutes ago. These kind of unusual places or occurrence will be a sign from your angel.

Doves –

White doves are a prominent signal sent from archangels.  You might see one fly overhead or in your dreams or just a visual in your mind. We have associated doves with love and purity.

Smells –

When a love one or friend has passed on we usually have a smell associated with that individual. This could be a pumpkin pie or perfume. The memories are ingrained inside and we remember these people often when a certain smell comes our way. Angels often communicate with us in this way.

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