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When you schedule your psychic services appointment, you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers specific aspects of your life where you need the most guidance. All psychic services will be confidential.

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Marysville Psychic Services - Connect with Angels and Guides

 Angel Readings: $120

Past, Present and Future. I will connect with your Angels and Guides as the reading progresses. This is different from a psychic reading as the information revealed will be communicated by the energy of your Guides. This can be very interactive, so you may ask questions anytime. Our Angels and Guides are not people who have passed on, but souls who are with us our entire lives. They want to give you guideance and talk with you. As a medium, I am here to channel this communication. I can help you find your confidence and your path.

Marysville Psychic Services - Psychic Readings 
Psychic Readings: $100

By creating a connection to the spiritual world, a spiritual psychic can help you see yourself, your personal truth, your relationships, your loved ones and your future possibilities.  An in-depth reading can give you a fresh look inside yourself or answers to those questions you have always wanted to ask. Need advice and directions for business plans or personal finance? Maybe you need to connect with those who have passed on or you need assistance in decisions. A very detailed and penetrating reading can cover many areas of your life or respond to specific questions you may ask. Do you need clarity, inspiration or comfort? Contact me for a full reading.

Marysville Psychic Services - Crystall Ball Readings

Crystal Ball: $80

A Crystal ball reading will encompass everything you need to know for the future. I interpret the symbols presented to me with my own intuitive awareness, allowing me to give meaning to your reading.




Marysville Psychic Services - Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading: $60 

The Tarot deck of cards will focus on friends, family, career and love. A Tarot Card Reading can help guide you through your troubles by offering a reflection of your past, present and possible future and showing you a new perspective on your life. Consulting the cards may be your best guide when it comes to making those difficult choices and decisions.


Marysville Psychic Services - Palm ReadingsPalm Readings: $40

Palmistry finds its origins in history during the time of ancient Greece. It can see insights into yourself and see what’s stopping you from moving into the future. Your hands are a reflection of you. There is a connection between the soul of a person and the physical appearance of their hands. Your hands are a blueprint of you and just like finger prints, no two are alike.


Marysville Psychic Services - Love and Relationship ReadingsLove and Relationship Readings: $80

Find the answers for relationship potential, attraction and compatibility. Explore commitment issues, obstacles, communication problems, insecurity and fidelity concerns. Will love find you?  Marriage, children or what does the future hold? Let’s talk about these questions together.


Marysville Psychic Services - Chakras Balancing and MeditationChakra Balancing and Meditation

The seven chakras are the energy centers in our bodies where energy flows. If you are out of line, charkas will balance the mind, body and spirit for complete harmony.



Marysville Psychic Services - SpellsSpells

All types of Spells are offered.

Price varies depending on request. Please call for consultation.



All of the above listed Psychic Services are Also Available for Parties.

Call for more information: 360-572-0072


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