Connecting With Self And Something More

Connecting with Self! For centuries, spiritual precepts have pointed us to the heart and soul, Self, as the source of wisdom, truth, peace and eternal life. We call it the heart and soul because these deeper realities are felt most strongly in the region of the physical heart.Self Worth - Marysville Psychic

Truth and Self

The truth opens up the heart and soul as part of self worth. This capability to sense the truth is something we all have the ability to do. We all have a heart and soul that’s already precisely showing us how true matters are.

Once you meet truth, the sense of yourself opens up, enlarges, softens, fills out and relinquishes self doubt. The sense of your world is no longer felt to be so confined or little. It gets to be more complete and limitless. The perceived limits soften and fade away and any sense of deficiency or self imposed limitations are decreased or annihilated.

Moreover, these limiting notions and assumptions render other thoughts which add to the momentum of thinking and keep your heart and soul, the sensation of self, little and compressed.

Improving Self Worth

Make acquaintances with the angels who, while invisible, are forever with you… Frequently call them and make great use of their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual matters.

We’re forever in the company of angels whether we decide to acknowledge them or not. They’re forever by your side, guiding and protecting you whether you decide to believe in them or not.

Connecting with your angels may be a very rewarding and spiritually fulfilling experience. You may become closer with your angels, associate with them and gain knowledge, insight, protection, guidance and/or emotional solace from that association. All of which helps improve your self worth.

The fullness of existence is revealed in the small truths that comprise our lives.

Self Worth – Definition