What is An Archangel? Are They Different from Other Angels?

An Archangel is an angel that watches over the planet and all humans that live here. They are here assisting us. They are not like the usual angels we have seen or experienced. They aren’t your typical “spirit guide” that you have heard of. These archangels never take the human form but are here to help us. There are many signs that may shoe their existence, we only need to look.

In order to see an archangel, you need to be highly intuitive. You need to be open to their possibility and develop your belief.

Archangel is sent from God

An Archangel is sent from God, to help us when we are in need. This could be during a time you are in danger or emotional discomfort or need of healing. God knows the future of all people and even see’s the events that are about to happen. He will send out an archangel to help that person. A person who meditates has created a basis to be closer to the archangels. Detecting their presences becomes easier while meditating. Most archangels will send strong messages, which most people will ignore. They hold a powerful presence; you just need to be receptive to their signs. What is an Archangel - Marysville Psychic

Archangels can travel anywhere on the earth. They are not tied to the same person all the time. It’s possible they may even be in two places at once. They are able to help several people at the same time.

Once an archangel falls upon you, you will feel their vibration almost immediately. An archangel isn’t your personal guardian angel. Guardian angels follow you everywhere. A guardian angel could actually be a past relative or someone who was close to you.

There are many archangels. You may have heard of Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. In our history, God has summoned many archangels to help the people.

Gabriel is a messenger angel. He is considered one of the top ranking angels in Judeo-Christian or Islamic religion. Remember that every archangel is different and they are skilled in their own ways.

For example, archangel Gabriel helps us communicate spiritually. He may come to you when you are reaching out in the spiritual world.

Another archangel is Uriel, who is the most intelligent angel roaming the world and heaven. Uriel is known for sending out prophetic warning signs and giving some people guidance into the future.

Noah was warned by Uriel before the flood hit and this is what led Noah to build an arc. Every angel is different and here for a different reason.

Archangels are protective of people within our world. You, me or anyone can summon an archangel to help us.  Just concentrate and tap into the spiritual dimensions.

You may ask, why an archangel should be summoned and when. They can be called at any time, even if it is not an emergency.  An example might be, if you meet someone new and don’t trust their intentions. It may be in your best interest to summon an archangel.

They may give you a glimpse into the future. Their messages can be subtle or strong, depending on how respective and intuitive you are. They will provide strong messages for those that aren’t exactly connected with the spiritual world. These are the people who need an answer and likely do not meditate. An archangel may reach any of us.

Have you ever had a close encounter with death? Possibly an archangel could have been watching over you. Maybe there was car accident on the road you take to work every day and a person was instantly killed.

As you pull out of your driveway, you realized how close you were to being in that accident.  However, the phone rang before you left and someone or something told you to pick it up. You were delayed from leaving. In this event, you did not call for an archangel to help you, but they had come to your rescue by stalling you.

The archangel spirit is intuitive. An archangel can actually feel our emotional pain or sudden panic.  These emotions are what prompt them to come save you. Archangels are empathetic and are the highest form of love for all humans.  You’ll easily feel their energy and strength to guide you through the challenging times in your life.

Calling an Archangel for Guidance

Calling any one of the seven angels for guidance. If you believe there is an angel for you, go ahead and call on that archangel.

Meditation can be a great way to contact an archangel.  It will help you be open and in a calm frame of mind.

If you do not meditate, saying a small prayer calling their name is enough to summon an angel. They will hear you!

Archangels are everywhere around us. Raising your spiritual awareness will give you the opportunity to work with an archangel. Do you want to see into the future or predict the outcome? You cannot do this by yourself unless you ask an archangel guide you.  A Psychic may help you to contact an archangel also known as “Angel Therapy.” Other people have referred to this as the new age healing method.

You can develop a “third eye” or intuitive insight. The archangels will assist you to foresee the future and look at events that will soon come. The future can be what will happen today or years from now. To acquire this ability you have to pray or meditate every day to be close with the archangels.

You may be able to summon an archangel instantly. This means that during times of urgency, sadness or anger it may help to call an archangel. They will instantly be there when you need them. You may call upon an archangel to help a friend or family member. You may send an archangel to help those you believe need extra attention.

People who are extremely sensitive and open are more likely to grow close to their archangels.

Someone who can experience the emotions of other people is known to have empathy. Some people have been this way all of your life; others are psychics with a gift to establish a close connection to your archangel.

One of the most asked questions is:

“How can I find archangels”? If you are asking this, don’t worry they will find you. Even non-believers can truly ask for the help they need. Ask and they will come.

Although you may not see or feel them, they are everywhere. They are always there in your time of need. Archangels can arrive at any time, when needed and when we call. Not only can they help with emergencies they can help with everyday activities. Really.

To find guidance and help from archangels, you must call them first. Once called, they can help. This can be accomplished through praying, meditation or tapping into your inner spirituality.

You won’t see an archangel but you can feel when they come. You’ll definitely feel their presence. Pay attention.

Most of the signs archangels give off are very positive but negative signs may show too. The negative signs are warnings so pay attention and be receptive. This could save your life or someone else’s life.

You don’t have to believe in an archangel, but you must believe in yourself. Archangels will offer help to anyone, no matter what type of lifestyle you have.

Let’s say you have a life style of drinking too much, an angel may give you a warning sign to stop.

When you look for guidance from an archangel, you might not always like the suggestions they make. Sometimes the time is not right for our request. Other times, maybe there was another plan for your life. Believe in what God has in store for us. Everything does have a purpose.

Archangel – Definitions

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